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A story through the ages

The Way, origin and destination.

The history of Santiago de Compostela and its Way is full of legends, myths, and personal stories of transformation and self-improvement. The metalsmithing tradition from Santiago de Compostela has its origins in the activity that emerged around the construction of the Cathedral in the 9th century. Today, it is one of its most valuable legacies, a symbol of centuries of pilgrimages, an indication of this city’s magic and the energy that all its visitors share year after year.

What is it with Santiago de Compostela that wins you over and captivates you? Its magic, its charisma, its power…

The metalsmiths, the heroes.

Guardians and transmitters of an ancestral art

Master metalsmiths have preserved the ancient manual and traditional techniques over the centuries. Families of artists that have passed on their know-how to their children. Today, they hold an ancient legacy with an incomparable artistic and historical value.

Crafts with silver and jet

Silversmiths & Jet Craftsmen

Since its foundation, the city of Compostela found its true meaning and raison d’être in the cathedral, which not only promoted the creation and growth of the city, but also spread its artistic influence in all directions.

Silversmiths and jet craftsmen were without a doubt the most privileged professions in Santiago. Both disciplines are the most ancient and singular professions in the city and the quality and uniqueness of their art are undeniable worldwide.

We can trace the steps of the masters of Compostela back to the Middle Ages until today, with the prominent pieces that are held at museums, cathedrals, churches and monasteries in the five continents.

As well as at the present artisanal workshops and stores that keep the tradition alive in the same places where the ancient guilds which named those spots were located: Praza das Praterías and Rúa da Acibechería.

Their extraordinary importance in the city gave a crucial significance to the guilds of Saint Eloy (silversmiths) and Saint Sebastian (jet craftsmen) throughout History.


the stone of plant origin

Jet is a mineraloid that occurs under ground as a result of the high pressure to which the wood of Araucaracea and Protopinacea trees is subjected. Its origin dates back to the second and third periods of the Mesozoic Era —Jurassic and Cretaceous, respectively. It formed throughout a period of 150 million years.

With its scarcity, sparkle, feel and singularity, it deserves the magical and mysterious qualities that have long been attributed to it. For this reason, it is used as an amulet and a source of protection and fortune by those who live in or visit Compostela.

Metalsmithing for religious worship

Since the very beginning, silversmiths and jet craftsmen have been commissioned to create unique pieces with precious metals and stones for religious purposes. This type of pieces is still created today and they also specialize in restauration of antique pieces.

The magic of Ourives Jewelry

History, tradition, and culture converge with innovation, design and avant-garde.

Pervaded by the essence of their ancestral origin, products of a marked traditional character coexist with signature designs that incorporate new innovative techniques into the metalsmithing know-how.

All jewelry by Ourives de Compostela comes with an authenticity certificate that guarantees that the product is a piece of the Ourives de Compostela collections, created in authorized traditional metalsmithing workshops, handcrafted with the highest quality materials and following the metalsmithing tradition of Santiago de Compostela.

Tradition and Culture

The charm of “our traditions”.

The most traditional designs, symbol of the Galician culture, are more in than ever.
Gold-plated silver. Traditional technique.

Reinvented classics

Tradition that lasts always and forever.

Jewelry with the essence of the classic metalsmithing of Santiago de Compostela, impeccable details and materials and high-quality finishes.
Silver and jet. Traditional technique.

Minimalism, functionality

The beauty of purity.

Modern, functional, and beautiful designs. Crafted with the rigor, quality and finishes of traditional metalsmithing techniques.
Silver and jet. Traditional technique.

Design and Avant-garde

The power of innovation.

Signature designs that challenge traditional shapes, innovative techniques that merge with traditional techniques maintaining the quality.
Fusion traditional and contemporary techniques.

Emblems, amulets

The magic of the Way.

Authentic and original emblems and amulets of St. James’ Way: from the most traditional pieces, such as the ones used by pilgrims for protection and good luck (shells and jet “figas”), to the most modern pieces, crafted with new techniques and colored incrustations.
Silver: traditional technique.

The past, a source for the future

The workshop and master metalsmiths that still exist in Compostela are at risk of disappearing.

They come from an ancient lineage of metalsmiths whose works have reached all corners of the world.

It is essential to spread the word and protect the rich heritage of their legacy and highlight its importance as a distinctive element that is intricately linked to the city of Santiago de Compostela.

Researching and spreading information on this artisanal work, as well as giving more value to the unique products handcrafted by master metalsmiths, could be a source of wealth for the city and encourage new generations to learn this profession.


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Ourives de Compostela was established over 30 years ago as the master metalsmiths and storekeepers of Santiago de Compostela were concerned about this thousand-year-old profession and wanted to protect it and highlight its value.

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